All min musik hela livet

New CD with a bunch of new songs came out 20th of March 2017!

New Swedish EP came out 19 November 2015!



1999 I released CD “Vem tar hand om Fåglarna?” with Swedish record company Marianne Grammofon. Song was played daily for the entire year all over Sweden. Swedish Chart ”Svensktoppen”, and on the compilation ”Absolute Svenskt 14”, still sold on Amazon.


”Vem tar hand om Fåglarna” by Siegel/Högdahl Recorded and released by Marianne Grammofon 1999
Listen to the song here:

2008 ”I wanna say” was released on ”Romatic Underground” iwannasaycover(German compilation) as well as on iTunes and Amazon. ”I wanna Say” written by Siegel/Palm/Twellmann Recorded by Daniel Palm, piano by Daniel Palm

The song was written to describe the feeling of real love, when you can´t breath kind of love…
album, Romantic Underground. Romantic Underground

2000-2006 I wrote alot of music during these years, at first together with Jan Destner and later on together with pianist Daniel Palm. The songs below are written together with Daniel Palm aStockholmCentralnd he has also recorded them. You can find all songs on myspace and soundcloud.

”My Hero” written by Siegel/Palm Recorded by Daniel Palm, piano by Daniel Palm – 2006
This song is about my family – My mother, My brother and then my son who I love the most of all.

”Two Worlds Apart” written by Siegel Recorded by Daniel Palm, piano by Daniel Palm – 2006
Written to a boyfriend I still loved when I left…

”If I (Take the Step)” written by Siegel/Palm Recorded by Daniel Palm, piano by Daniel Palm – 2006
Just about those people who dont want to see you succeed, and what happens if you do take the step…

”Now I feel better” written by Siegel/Palm Recorded by Daniel Palm, piano by Daniel Palm – 2006
Written for another artist originally, but I wrote it from me, just about life, my son, things I had learned…

”It would be easy” written by Siegel/Palm Recorded by Daniel Palm, piano by Daniel Palm – 2006
I wrote this song after meeting a guy who made me feel like a woman, wanted and beautiful, but would not have been good for my life…

2010  ”Mother Tongue” by Effi Shoshani.  A famous Israeli composer created this amazing CD with music from many countries where I sing a traditional Swedish hymn. Released world wide.  Mother tongue

1995 CD Till alla barn (To all the children).Till alla Barn
I sing lead on one of of the songs as well as backup on two of the songs on this fantastic CD with music for children, created by Jojje Wadenius, Lasse Åberg, Charlotte Schulz and more. It was my dear friend Charlotte Scholz who invited me to sing on this CD. Children/dp/B0042N6ARS

1992-1994 Golden Hits (Wallmans)
I performed 6 nights per week in the Night Club GH_0001Show at one of Stockholm’s more famous shows called Golden Hits. It was a nightclub and shows where I played/sang live as Marilyn Monroe, Agnetha in ABBA, Janice Joplin and many more. Tours around Sweden, major concerts in front of large audiences as well as several TV appearances.
Same years during the summers I performed singing and dancing in the show at Gute Källaren on Gotland.

Marilyn 1992

1992 Cool James Black Teacher
Backup singer for Cool James and Black Teacher both for recording and on tour and TV shows. Recording sessions, Live TV and gigs in cities all over Sweden.

Cool James Black Teacher


As well as dancing behind E-Type on ZTV and a few big shows. Several dance performances all over Sweden.

also 1990-1992 Lead singer in the dans orchestra Scratch who toured around Sweden on slippery roads playing music so people could dance every weekend for about two years.
 -Tone Norum
Backup singer for Tone Norum in the late 80-ties and early 90-ties. I sang backup on gigs as well as TV-shows.

Dont turn Around- Disney Klubben

Same song on TV4 ”Listan” charts countdown program. 

Mimmi 1989 Slottet 2

1989 Back up singer and dancer for the German superstar Fancy, a so called Folkparksturné. (My first real job 17 years old).

Also singer in the band BT-band. My first rockband!BT