The career started around the age of 17 with a huge “Folkparks-turné” (tour in concert parks) as a backup singer/dancer for Fancy, then backup singer for Tone Norum TV and gigs and on it went and never stopped… Mimmi for website

After that – countless tours around Sweden and EU with different bands, duos and shows, then TV-shows, dance shows, musicals, Eurotechno, recordning and releases, festivals, performances and more music and bands…


Working as a Music Supervisor for Indie-film, writing for other artists as well as film scores, many vocal performaces with bands in LA and Stockholm – Jazz, Pop, Rock, Country at all sorts of venues, parties and events.

It takes Two”, (Lago-Siegel), Mimmi with musician Anders Lago – loVisitkort 1ts of company events and parties. Great harmonies and really good music that people always enjoy listening too.        
It Takes Two

Kungsan 3


Mimmi & Han Där Till Höger (Mimmi & the Guy to The Right) performs at company parties, events and other happenings.
As well as different bands
, for example with Morten Lucas in Denmark who I enjoy performing with very much. I am still travelling around Stockholm as well as touring other cities of Europe and USA to sing at various events. This has been my life since mid 90ties and will be so as long as people want to listen.

During the last years I have written and recorded countless of songs, you can find them on  soundcloud as well as right here.