My life. Singer, songwriter, actress, TV-host, entertainer, Voice Over and Speaker, musical artist and in the earlier years a dancer. Also working as Project Manager in Events and PR.

Mimmi in Stockholm summer of 2011.  

I went to a Performing Arts school in New York during the 80-ties and to Dansakademin in Stockholm after coming back to Sweden. Other schools Lasse Kühlers, Vår teater, vocal coaching by Amanda Ambrose in NY, private acting and singing lessons.

I am also a Live-TV Script Supervisor as well as Film Script Supervisor and Production assistant for TV. As well as an experienced Event Producer/Project Manager, and recently I signed a new licensing deal with LA.

I have produced shows, tours and set up musical events and concerts as well. Besides acting and singing I have my own company doing all of the above and Marketing, PR, Communications, logistics and Events. Yeah I know, busy girl right?!


More Recently. I am working more in the event business these days, singing and acting when I have the time. But I get to do a job here and there and I am very happy for that.

Filming a lot making promotion, information and short films as well as some TV, commercials. Lots of Speaker and Voice Over work.
Singing/Music: I am performing with several different duos (guitar and vocals) for company events, KIV (Kultur I Vården), festivals and other happenings. “Lago-Siegel”, “It takes Two”, “Mimmi och Han Där Till Höger”, and ”Good Girl Bad Girl”. Also together with the Danish band with Morten Lucas at different events. As well as all amazing musicians I worked with in LA.
Business: Running my company doing PR, organizing events and festivals, Communications and marketing. Running an arts festival in the south of Sweden since 2011 in the summer.
Life: My life is about 50% of music/acting and 50% of my event business. I live just south of Stockholm city, but for a while I lived in LA. I have been travelling quite alot around EU and to the US where we have family and friends as well as several business associates and projects running.

2001- 2005
showcase inviteBusiness:
I started my company in Entertainment – Musical artist, Singer, Actor, Songwriter, TV, Script, Producer, PR, Communications, Event and some more. With this I started in a way, a new era in life. I ran several large projects for example one for Stockholms Stad and Mondo. I organized and ran projects and events and concerts and tours.
Singing/Music: I was writing a lot of music these years. Beginning of the 2000 until 2004 or so mainly together with Jan Destner and later 2004 and forward more of soft jazz-pop songs together with Daniel Palm and most songs can be found here. Read more and listen under Singing and Music.

singelfrontI got another record deal, this time on my own. I recorded the CD single called ”Vem tar hand om fåglarna?” It was played quite a lot on the radio during all of 1999 as well as 2000. It was a great time but I didn’t go on making music in Swedish after that. Read more and listen under Singing and Music.

Business: Live-script, recording script, production assistant at SVT and UR for amongst other “Lilla Aktuellt”. Created several musical events and projects.
Singing/Music: Also performing with my duo Mimmi och Han Där Till Höger (Mimmi and the guy to the right), doing company events and such. Also several summers performing on Kungsträdgårdens Stora Scen. Read more and listen under Singing and Music.

VarförInte studio shot 2TV: Made the TV series ”Varför Inte?” (Why Not?) along with two other guys. I was the hostess, did the research, and wrote the scripts and such. UR/SVT took on the entire series of six (12) programs which then appeared in 1997. We got prime time – Tuesdays at 19:30 in SVT.
Singing/Music: During this period I also participated in a children’s album together with, among others Jojje Wadenius and Lasse Åberg! Read more and listen under Singing and Music.

Got a record deal with my group West Inc. and over the  next three years, we made five singles and had songs on 5 compilations, toured Sweden several times.  We filmed three videos and
performed on TV shows. Read more and listen under ”Singing and Music”.


Worked at Marilyn 1992 - 2Golden Hits in Stockholm. Singing and doing shows such as Marilyn Monroe, ABBA and Janice Joplin. In the summer of 1993 and 1994, I was the ”main attraction” in Gute Summer Show in Visby. Read more under Singing and Music.

I worked at Galaxen in Sollentuna.
A huge recreation center for
teenagers with musical interests.
Singing/Music: On weekends I sang with dance band Scratch. Not much free time.

Came back tMimmi 1989 Slottet 2o Sweden. Went to Dansakademin and Lasse Kühlers Dance School. Took a whole lot of singing lessons and went to Vår Teater. In addition to jobs as a dancer and singer worked as a waitress in different restaurants. I worked as a choreographer and Show Producer for Empire Productions and toured a lot with various dance and singing shows.

Lived in New York with my family. It was an interesting way to grow up, I must say that I got to see a lot of the world at an early age. Something that left its mark on me (both good and bad) and my personality. I went to an artistic school (Performing Arts) and had drama, singing and dancing. Here I laid the foundations of my artistic path, did the lead part in a school production of ”Oliver Twist” and sang ”Celebration” on American television with Cool and the Gang in the audience.