Commercials, short films, TV

Name of production: ”Jävla Klåpare”
Filmed a cute and funny scene with Eva Röse summer 2016
Length: 1 minute

Name of production: ”Caravanhallen”
A funny commercial filmed spring 2015 in the middle of the forest.  Filmed in March 2015.
Length: 30 seconds

So much crazy fun out in the forest on a somewhat cold day filming this 30 second commercial. I had a blast playing this woman. It was a challange with the towel on the head but I managed to keep it in place most of the time.

20150421_104000  20150421_105553


Name of production: “Tack för att ni hjälper våra barn” (thanks for helping our kids)
Company: KPA Pension
Produced by: Sweden Media and Team Tony
A cute commercial running 2012 on national TV where I had the lead as an educational consultant for teens. Filmed in March 2012.
Length: 30 seconds

Making this commercial in March 2012,  it was the first bigger acting job I did for TV since I had the TV-series ”Varför Inte?” in  1997. I have been singing since then but now my new (old and new) career in TV and films has taken off again and is something I love to do.
007 008 011

Name of production: Skolvalet 2013
Company: Visita – Svensk Besöksnäring
Produced by: Great Minds and Syndicate Entertainment.
An information film for 9th-graders and school choice 2013. I play the part of the educational guide (SYV).
Filmed in November 2012, was out 17 January 2013.
Length: 2,15 minutes
This film has been shown on youtube over 126,000 times!

Photos from filming on a very snowy day in the beginning of December of 2012. Extremly cool and professional team to work with.



Name of production: “Konsumentverket Utbildningsfilmer (Educational films)
Company: Konsumentverket
Produced by: Marilyn Production Company
I played Eva Olsson in three short films for Konsumentverket, filmed in November 2014. The films are to be used for educational purposes and will be up on my page in the autumn of 2015.
Length: 3 x 2-5 minutes

008-1 011 012 018

Name of production: Pump it Up
Company: Almega – Bemanningsföretagen
Produced by: Punkt Nu,
A Promotion film with me in the lead role as the quite unpopular politician.
Filmed in December 2012, came out to be used by the company January 2013. Shown all over the world.
Length: 30 minutes
LINK: not out yet

026 025 032 024 021

Name of production: Information film
Company: Whitespine
Produced by: Houdini
A short information film for a company running start Oct 2012 on the net and other medias. Filmed in Sept 2012 by Houdini. I play the part of a motor vehicle examiner.
Length: 1 minute

A few photos from the filming of this cute short informatuonfilm.
005 006


Name of production: ”Taxi Tack!”
Company/Produced by: Kulturama (Film school in Stockholm) Bengt Dahlberg as Director.
A short dramatic film directed by Bengt Dahlberg November-December 2012, soon to
be released. I played the part of Erika/wife.
Length: 10 minutes
LINK: not out yet
014 2012-10-20 14.27.50 2012-10-20 14.28.08 2012-10-20 17.18.34 2012-10-20 17.19.22

Name of production: En ovanlig dag (An unusual day) Company/Produced by: Stockholms Filmskola (Stockholm Film School) Directed by Lina Berger Info: I play the lead part in a short film of a woman who who has a rough day, filmed in Feb 2012. Length: 4 minutes

Working with film schools is really interesting and educational, one gets to work with tomorrows directors.
The girl here below was doing the makeup, her company is Sunny Sue and her name is Louise Stangl. 017

Latest 2015-2016

Played mother in a teaser for a film to be made during 2016.

Had a small part with a few lines in SVT TV-series VårdGården filmed fall 2015

2013-02-03 TV4 Helt Sjukt
I had a part with a few lines for a TV show called – Helt Sjukt. Was shown 21 March 2013 on TV4. I played a therapist for the leading lady played by wonderful Alexandra Rapaport. It was funny and cute and I hope you will like it when you see it!

Mimmi1 Mimmi2 Mimmi3

Name of production: Åkta Människor (Real Humans)
Director: Harald Hamrell
Produced by: SVT / Matador Film AB
A TV-series where I got a small part playing the wife of a politician. I was supposed to come back in later episodes but had moved to LA so I was written out…
Filmed (my scene) in early spring 2013.

MUSIC VIDEO by pop-group JJ
Name of production: Ecstasy Company/Produced by: Script, directing and Editing: André Löwenbrååt, Rekon Pictures, Director Of Photografi: Sandra Frissel, Production Manager: Emil Bergström, Producer and light: Konrad Patocs, Rekon Pictures
I played a part in a music video for the music group ”JJ” as the alcoholic mother for their song “Ecstasy”.
Filmed by Rekon Pictures in Oct 2012.
Length: 3 minutes

Some photos from filming this video on a cold and crisp October day in 2012. I want to acknowledge Ebba König (the young leading actress) for her brilliant acting in this film. That girl is amazing.
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Svensk Humor SVT

Name of production: Svensk Humor 2013 Company: SVT Produced by: Jarowskij and SVT Info: A lead part against the actor Per Andersson, a well known comedian in Sweden, in a comedy show on national TV, two episodes, ran in October 2013. Filmed in Oct 2012 by Jarowskij/SVT


Our Venture TV – Live TV-show in LA 

I was invited to come talk about singing and songwriting in November 2013 at Our Ventura TV. A show viewed by about 20,000 people in LA so that was pretty cool. I am not too happy about the lighting and sound but I like what I say, so bare that in mind people.

also 1997 I worked as a TV Host and announcer for national TV-Company SVT/UR for some time. Most of this time I was behind the camera though. I really like it there too.

1995 I played a waitress as a featured extra during several episodes of this long running drama in Sweden called Rederiet.
Company/ Produced by: SVT
See me here from 19.03 – 20.35