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Hi and welcome to my page!
Here you find my music and filming, most of it at least.
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New single out October 2016
A song i wrote after my last talk with my mom before she passed away this spring…
“I am the world”

New music video “Karma”.
If you dont speak Swedish the english lyrics are below the video on YT.

This video filmed in May 2016 on a backstreet of Stockholm by friend and filmer Toby Linde. It is one take from start to finish.
The song is about getting back at the asshole who tried to destroy your life… Hopefully it will give some strength to others who have experienced something similar. You are not alone.

Music video “Hypnotiserad”. 
If you don´t speak Swedish – This song is about looking for the one, the eternal search for the right one, looking into many eyes until the right eyes come along… And this video is funny as its an all “selfie”-filmed by Mimmi herself as well as “selfie”-videos by guys/boys/men from all over the world – literally. Mimmi asked her male friends in Los Angeles, Stockholm, Malmo, Copenhagen, Gothenborg, Las Vegas, France, Oslo and Florida to send her these videos and then it was all put together by editor Anna Runow in LA.



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I am a Singer, Songwriter and Actress.  I also write music for film and other artist.
I have been in the world of Music and Entertainment as long as I can remember…

These days I am working in both LA, and in Stockholm but I live in Sweden. I spend quite some time in the studio writing music in both Swedish and English. I am acting in commercials, short films and TV, as well as Voice over work and as a Speaker. You can see some of my stuff here. Also listen to some of my music throughout the years.

End of 2015 I finished my Swedish EP and thats extremly exciting! As well as landing a good licensing deal wth an LA based music company!